WHY CHOOSE eAutoFeedback?

eAutoFeedback has been designed from the ground up to facilitate the collection process and provide a database that can be used to respond to issues and track trends over time. It is also a valuable tool for evaluating services, staff, vendors, and facilities. It's simple enough for anyone in the office to use, yet it is packed with powerful features such as branching, customizable reports, a built-in reminder feature, and real-time feedback. Our response rates are higher than other electronic surveys as we create a process for feedback that is directed vs. unsolicited and by utilizing a survey that is heavily branded with your logo and color scheme as well as personalized messages. With it's economical price and simple integration into your office, it will quickly become a valuable tool for your business.
eAutoFeedback was designed by experts who know your business and can help you develop a survey instrument to meet your needs. Our support team is made up of highly motivated and knowledgeable individuals that have worked in a variety of industries and know and understand your business. Also, our staff has over a decade of survey and feedback experience and can help anyone with their survey and customer feedback needs. We can help you ask the right questions to gather guest, client, or patient information and feedback to help you understand what's important for your business and keep you on track.

And, here's the best part, we're right there with you every step of the way, helping you develop your survey, training you and your staff to send surveys to your customers and clients, and helping you analyze and report your data. And, if for any reason you need us, we're just a phone call away. We're available by phone during regular business hours and by email evenings and weekends. eAutoFeedback and our staff will help you gather the important information to effectively compete in your target market.
eAutoFeedback is always available when you are, a web application accessed right from your desktop. You choose when to send batches of surveys at your convenience and interval. Using the standard notification features, you can designate who on your staff will receive a copy of the completed surveys, giving them the ability to instantaneously respond to any customer who asks a question or has a complaint or suggestion about your product or service. Your survey response data is stored indefinitely, so you can analyze the most recent survey or compare information over time.