Do Your Customers Know About all the Services You Offer?

How many times have you heard a customer say, “I didn’t even know you guys did that!”? As a business owner, it can be frustrating to learn that your audience doesn’t know the potential or isn’t taking advantage of all your business services. Surveys are an effective way to distinguish what your customers know about you and what they don’t. To help make it easy, here are 3 questions to include in your next survey to increase awareness.

How did you hear about us?

This is one of the most asked questions used in customer feedback surveys (and it’s for a good reason!). Asking customers how they’ve heard about you can help gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and identify where your customers are at in the sales funnel. Based on what your customers know about you, you’ll be better able to determine your next marketing and sales approach.

Example: Sally says she heard about your company through an advertisement in a local magazine. The ad included information on your plumbing services, which intrigued Sally to call. What the ad didn’t mention was that you also offer sump pump installation services. If Sally happens to have a flood in her basement, and now needs a sump pump, she’ll likely go with one of your competitors unknowingly.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

These types of short answer questions are an effective way to learn which keywords and phrases customers associate most with your business. Not only will these answers be helpful in tailoring your company’s marketing tactics, they’re also helpful in learning about your most known services. This information can help you determine which services to invest more marketing efforts into and where to pull back on other services.

Which of our services have you used?

Direct questions are key for gaining helpful and relevant customer insight. This type of question is often laid out as checkboxes, allowing the audience to select all services they’ve used. As compared to a “fill in the blank” or short answer question, checkboxes allow the respondent to view all possible services. This is also a good way to determine how you can upsell another service to a customer, by having your next question be: “Check which services you would like to know more about”.

Example: Sally has indicated that she uses your HVAC company for an A/C tune-up in the spring and fall. However, she does not take advantage of your monthly preventative maintenance program and mentioned she would like to know more about it. Using the information from the survey, you can create a custom marketing campaign for Sally to promote your preventative maintenance program. This is not only relevant information for Sally, but is an effective way to cultivate more sales with current clients.

Crafting the right questions for surveys requires research, strategy, and often a lot of time. The unique web-based application we use at eAutoFeedback takes this unnecessary effort and time off your plate so you can focus on growing your business. Our team of survey experts partner with businesses just like yours to strategically design and customize your surveys to yield the type of data you need to grow and succeed.

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